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We are here to help you to choose the best VPN service. We are testing, comparing, and providing our reviews of the globally available VPN Services

Our score: 9.2

Extremely fast and user-friendly VPN software that would satisfy the needs of the most demanding user

Our score 9.0

Fast and well built product, which is made to address the needs of internet safety conscious user for a reasonable price.

Our score 8.6

Safe yet extremely down to earth service with a tremendous selection of servers provided with an industry-standard user interface


Have you been trying to locate VPN service that lives up to the promise? It seems that ExpressVPN International Ltd. has done it to the full. ExpressVPN claims to be “The Fastest VPN on Earth” and after several days of usage, we have to confirm that there is no matching service at the moment. In this regard, ExpressVPN could be titled as the best VPN service.

First, good impression is made with a well-built website, which clearly presents the offering of ExpressVPN – to be the fastest VPN in the market combined with unlimited applicability. In practice, usage of the ExpressVPN allows you to open content from any place in the world while keeping required connection speeds for browsing, gaming or Netflix and Amazon Prime Video watching.

We absolutely loved the idea to try the speed test, which would later advise you which server should be connected to obtain minimum ping and fastest internet speed connection. In addition to an almost indefinite servers list, this clearly gives you numerous options to obtain any content you want. It seems there would be no issue of accessing social websites from UAE or Top Gear on BBC from Russia and China.

Lastly, ExpressVPN software has a nice addition to add up to the VPN user experience – there is a fine guide provided on how to make the most of ExpressVPN. As an example, you may save dozens of dollars for your airplane ticket purchases by selecting servers in different countries on specific ticker search engines. This is a very fine piece of user advice, which might result in huge savings if you are a frequent traveler.

What you should love about ExpressVPN?

  • Really fast internet connection over many VPN servers
  • Ultra-user-friendly for the first time user and has a very intuitive interface
  • Ability to scan all servers for ping and connection speeds
  • Tray icon clearly shows the status of your connection

Drawbacks, if any?

  • One of the most expensive services on the market

Does it cost much? 8.32 $  per month on 12 months deal

Techs and Specs: www.expressvpn.com

Bottom line: Extremely fast and user-friendly VPN software provided for users seeking the most of VPN service usage. However, all the benefits are coming at a price above the industry average.

Our score:  9.2 


IP Vanish VPN has clear message coded in their name, indicating that traceless web surfing should be expected out of the service. To prove that, IP Vanish VPN aggressively promotes anonymous torrenting, bitcoin acceptance and frequent change of IP address.

IP Vanish VPN offers software for almost any known platform, besides most widely used Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android platform is offering software for Ubuntu and routers as well. In addition, IP Vanish VPN offers one of the widest selections of servers globally compared to any other VPN – 1000+ servers in over 75 cities globally. This clearly shows VPN’s ability to vanish you from the known territory.

Despite wide server selection on IP Vanish VPN, navigation and selection of servers are very easy. Firstly, you can choose a server based on your requirement – speed and server location. Also, you are provided with a handy tool to select a server from the map or list based on the lowest ping server.

Recently the user interface has been updated and the software has now a really intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

What should you love about IP Vanish VPN?

  • Number of servers with a good speed for gaming or media streaming
  • Handy tools to select the best server for your needs based on your preferences

Drawbacks, if any?

  • Quick connect could suggest best speed server or country where it is located.

Does it cost much? 2.62 $ per month on 12 months deal

More details: www.ipvanish.com

Bottom line: One of the most aggressively marketed VPN platforms offering absolute security for a reasonable price. Service is targeted at the United States and European users the most as most servers are located there.

Our score: 9.0


Privax Ltd created software that seems to address the needs of relaxed and down-to-earth service users. With the industry unmatched logo and eye-catching name, it seems they have reached their audiences. From a hardware point of you, HIDEMYASS (abbreviated HMA) has an unmatched selection of servers. In this regard, it could be claimed as the best VPN service. 

From a user perspective, HIDEMYASS selection, download, and setup are easy on any platform. The first connection to VPN servers comes in seconds with yet another animation on VPN service essence – blurring the lines of the true user.

Some critics for HIDEMYASS VPN service come from two areas – speed and completion of the user interface. We have been using several servers on the PRO version to stream HD (720p) video on Youtube, however, we experienced numerous hick-ups on the stream. In addition, our test results show that some servers may limit the connection speed 5 times compared to non VPN connections.

The speed problems are addressed not to the full as user interface (at a time of review) lacked search for the server in specific country/city or the search for the fastest connection server, therefore making lookout for fast speed server even more complex.

What should you love about this VPN?

  • Software appearance giving an instant idea of safe, but laid-back and easy service
  • A tremendous selection of VPN servers available worldwide
  • Timely announcements when service is online or disconnected
  • Support team availability and fast service even on weekends

Drawbacks, if any?

  • Locating the server takes time, as no search field is available
  • There is still room for automation when selecting and connecting to the server
  • Speed on certain servers will prevent you from gaming or HD video streaming

Does it cost much? 4.99 $ (4.43 €) per month on 12 months deal

Techs and Specs: https://www.hidemyass.com/

Bottom line: Safe, yet extremely down-to-earth service with a tremendous selection of servers provided with the industry-standard user interface. However, speeds on some servers prevent fast connections.

Our score: 8.6

How VPN works?

VPN has become a synonym of a safe internet access nowadays, as more and more people and business structures are concerned about internet privacy when using e-mailing systems, chatting or simply browsing the internet on a daily basis.

VPN service imitates that your location is different than the actual. Instead of connecting your computer to the website or service (i.e. Netflix) directly, VPN first connects your computer to the server in another country and only then connects to the website you are willing to access. In addition, all the data transferred is encrypted, which makes it impossible to know who is browsing the internet. 

However, despite the seemingly the highest interest towards safe browsing, there are two equally important reasons why people look for VPN service provider – it is internet safety or access of limited continent in the country.

Internet safety is ensured by connecting to the internet using the internet IP address which cannot be traced back to your computer. In other words, your activity on the internet logs actions as somebody else would be browsing the internet or downloading the data, although you are the sole user of the content. This is ensured by VPN service encryption of your IP address.

Also, if you are looking for a way just to lose your trace in the internet, you might be using any server available from the VPV service to get the task done. However, if you would need to download extensive data packages to your device, you might use server which is located closer to your country. That typically allows you to secure fastest connection, while still having secure internet connection.

Access of limited content is secured via same measures as internet safety, by connecting to the server which is located away from your home and is using different IP address. However, some content may not be accessed via servers located in the certain countries. For example, a server in China may prevent you from using Google services, while connections in Saudi Arabia or Iran may prevent you from viewing content created by third party to the local government.

Also, in some countries VPN could help streaming shows you like on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hubu, which may not be available in your country. As well VPN could allow watching channels showing Formula 1, NBA and other sports.  

Also, certain countries (United Arab Emirates) would prohibit access to any content which is involves any nudity or has any auditory restrictions. This typically results in inability to watch videos on Youtube, download data or stream any foreign media channels.

Luckily, VPN services typically allow getting both requirements by the user – accessing the internet with full privacy and access any prohibited content. Therefore VPN service is a tool to be used as Youtube, Netflix streaming, email, instant messaging and web browsing tool.

Connect to internet servers via VPN outside your home country and surf the web, watch Formula 1, stream Netfilx, Amazon Prime Video, and Hubu securely